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APL Consulting
P.O. Box 552
Whitby, ON L1N5V3
Contact: Alan Longfield, President
Phone: 905-668-1173
Credits: Author: Almost- with Joseph Gelleny (1999);
            Co-author:THe First Camp X Christmas (play)Camp X-The Final Battle,
             Camp X-Silver Dagger, Camp 30-Word of Honour (Sept. '03).


Dogash Inc
11 Greenway Blvd
Port Perry Ontario L9L 1S9
Contact: David Hooker, Chairman/President
Phone: 905 982 1414
Credits: World renowned Public Motivational Speaker
              Author of self help books, MC & After Dinner Speaker


InnerSurf International
78 Wheeler Avenue
Toronto, ON M4L 3V2
Contact: Tracy Repchuk, President
Credits: Author of "The Poetry of Business"
             Editor/writer for "Poetry Canada" magazine
             TV Pilot, TV and radio appearances, script writer.

Lynn Philip Hodgson, Author
P.O. Box 153
Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
L9L 1A3
Credits: Inside Camp-X, Camp-X The Final Battle, Camp-X Silver Dagger,
Camp 30 Bowmanville Word of Honour