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Special Effects - SPFX

Colpitts Design
Goodwood, Ont.
Contact: Peter Colpitts
Animatronics, Specialty & Hero Props, SPFX, Fabrication in all materials.
X-Men, Robocop, Fly Away Home

Mirage Fiberglass
Pickering, Ont.

Contact: Garry Taylor
Fiberglass SPFX, Monsters, Aliens. Theater Facades or Film.

Oxenham Design Group
25 Allens Lane,
Little Britain, ON   K0M 2C0
Contact: Jamie Oxenham, Owner
phone: 705 786 1184
Credits: Thomas and the Magic Railroad-Miniature sets
             Shoppers Drug Mart commercials-Miniature Sets
             Various other subcontracted sets and props