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Sets   -  Set Dresser

Anthony Natoli
2375 Hancock Road
Courtice, Ontario  L1E 2M3
Odyssey 5 - Set Dresser
Witchblade - Set Dresser
Tracker - Set Dresser

Ryan Copithorn
3378 Conc. Rd 3
Newcastle, ON L1B 1L9
Contact: Ryan Copithorn
(905) 435-8882
Position: Set dresser/Props Asst.
Credits: Set Dresser, "Martin & Lewis"-M.O.W.(Idaho Prod.)On-Set Props,
"Odyssey 5"-Series (Cliffwood Prod.)
Experience in Sets/Props on over 20 films, series and m.o.w.'s.
Experienced also in Greens and Construction/Carpentry.


Creative Elements
Contact: Lisa Kimmelry
Position: Art Director
Phone: 416.715.7332
Credits: 2D Animation, Story Boarding, Concepts and Illustrations,
        Logo Designs, Graphic Arts, antique Prop Rentals, Vintage Wardrobe,
        and design of commercial signage.