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Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe - Hair and Make-up


Castle On A Cloud
12 Zachary pl.
Brooklin, Ont. L1M 1E3
Paula Taylor
905 432-6454
Massage & Make-up
        Several Magazine shoots & music videos.
        On set assisting Tim Mogg. Several episodes for
        Canadian production called Jett Jackston.


Creative Elements
Contact: Lisa Kimmelry
Position: Art Director
Phone: 416.715.7332
Credits: 2D Animation, Story Boarding, Concepts and Illustrations,
            Logo Designs, Graphic Arts, antique Prop Rentals, Vintage Wardrobe,
            and design of commercial signage.

Natasha Facchini - Make-up Artist
(No mailing address, please use e-mail or phone. Thank you)
Contact: Natasha Facchini
Credits: Information Video- Client: Eli Lilly and Company
             Music Video- "Attack of the Killer Bikini's"- Vampire Beach Babes