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Film Arts Media Entertainment of Durham

About Us

       FAMEd   is a networking organization comprised of a diverse and talented group of professionals dedicated to the promotion of Film, Arts, Media, Entertainment and Television production in Durham Region.

Anyone interested in receiving more information please get in touch with

                                        Chester Stocki at 905-259-0534.

              Please note:  Anyone wishing to register in the FAMEd database may do so at, 
no cost, under the proper categories.  You need not be a paid member to do so.  

              Membership information and contact is available on the website - Membership Info

              Below is outlined the mission of the organization.

Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Organization:
To promote the vast array and quality talent involved in production in the Durham Region.

To provide a network for those talented people.
To make Durham one of the most sought after locations for production in Canada.
1) To form and maintain an online database of associated groups & individuals wishing
     to join for the purpose of exchanging information & services and to facilitate pro-
     ductions by drawing on all talent in Durham Region. 
 2) To develop a central networking structure for the local production community east
      of Toronto.
 3) To publicize the association for the benefit of all of it's members and promote
      community involvement. 
 4) To work with any and all related unions and guilds.


          This is an Association for everyone involved in the film, video, arts, and related industries, including producers, directors, actors, writers, post-production, music/musicians and all of the support businesses, equipment and crews that are required for film, TV, video, webcasting and other productions Videographers, cinematographers, digital & multimedia producers, electricians, set  designers, wardrobe, set construction, hair/make-up artists, locations and related facilities or services in Durham Region, Ontario are all welcome to join this new online networked community.



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